“You’re an idiot!” the woman said angrily. “You think you’re doing Sylvia a favour by being in a relationship with her? On the contrary, she did you a favour by accepting that useless ring you put on her finger a month ago.”
“Mama, that’s enough!” Impulsive tears fell from Obinna’s eyes.
“Obi, my dear son, even fools do not spit out sugar when is put in their mouth. Apart from being a former governor’s daughter, that girl is attractive and as humble as any man would want his wife to be. Now tell me, if you never liked her why did you engage her?”
“Er…um, hmm“ Obinna stuttered, “I didn’t say I don’t like her; I do love her but we’re just not compatible!”
“Who said you’re not compatible? I’ve watched you two for months now; all I see is a perfect couple.”
A moment of silence fell between them. In that moment, it was only the tick tick of the clock that was heard.
Obinna was the first to speak, “Mama, I love Sylvia so much that I would love to make her my wife but fate sometimes has a way of opposing the decisions we make or would’ve made in life”.
“What do you mean by that,” the woman asked
“After the test we had at the hospital it turned out that we can’t get married because both of us are of the AS genotype.”
“How’s that possible!” the woman stood up from the bed. She thought for a while before she said, “But, wait a minute, before you entered the university you did that test and it showed that you are AA like I have always known since you were a child.”
“Mama, I’ve told you, I’m AS and she’s AS; that the reason we can’t get married!” Obinna retorted.
The woman was about to say something when her son stood from the bed, took a pillow and went to the sitting room to lie down on a couch. She decided to let him be for the moment but she knew within her that that wasn’t the end of their conversation.
The moment he laid down on a couch, his sojourn to Akwaibom state almost two years ago as a Youth Corps member came flashing in his eyes. He hissed and said, “Umuaka a egbu go m! Those children have killed me!”


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