It is said that if u can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Atiku showed up for the debate after rushing in from America like a man who traveled in a jet with supersonic speed. He probably foresaw the heat that was going to emanate from sharing the stage with men and a woman whose intellectual capacity he can’t match. After he had shown up, he looked for the ‘dullard’ from Duara and he was nowhere to be forward. Then it dawned on him that at the end of the debate, he would certainly look like the dullest in the room; then he chickened out. Just like they say in Ingrigbo, ‘Ofufu ka nma karia statement.’
Let me ask u, dear reader, will u agree to sit for an exam that u already know from the onset that u would fail?
Well, as much as I didn’t like what Atiku did, he still has my vote because I decided to turn a blind eye to his person the day he tricked me with Peter Obi.
However, if I have my way, I’ll ask INEC to declare Kingsley Moghalu winner straight away. Dear, Prof. Kingsley Moghalu, my heart is with u but my PVC belongs to Atiku.

The problem is not that Atiku ran away; my problem lies in the yeye reason he gave for his action. Honestly, this politicians need a proper PR personnel. If I was given the job to manage Atiku, I would’ve turned this his cowardly act into a blessing. Sometimes, what u need to win back d trust of people is someone who can be your Olivia Pope.
If I were Atiku’s PR person this is what I would have him say,
“Nigerians, I’m sorry to have absconded from the debate. As most of you know, I was in America a while ago, Trust me, I did everything I could to be here. While I was getting ready for the debate, I prepared with the thinking that our dear president would be here.
‘The truth is that, my dear party, the PDP did not live up to expectation in her sixteen years in power but the APC is a colossal failure. I had showed up at the debate with the mindset that they would be here but since they were not there, I had to rush back to go and pay attention to a strategy I’m working on to send them far away from Aso Rock come next month.
‘Once again, I apologize to u Nigerians whose sensitivity it looks like I’ve insulted.’
#Let‘s #GetNigeriaWorkingAgain

Pls, you people should tell Atiku that I can be his PR person, in case he needs my services. And like I always say, “I’m good at my job and I’m ‘fucking’ expensive.


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