How I found A Val @11th Hour

And bcos no girl has accepted to be my Val I think it’s high time I brought this matter her.

I don’t know why I’m usually this unlucky with the female folks when it comes to occasions like this. You needed to have seen the way the last female friend I asked to be my Val insulted the living hell out of me. She said I was weird, stingy and that it’s my kind of men that take advantage of women every chance we get because we think we can speak English. That was how Ijeoma stormed out of my presence without letting me explain my point to her. She even claimed that it’s this my unconventional way of thinking that made my girl friend of five years left me a fortnight ago to marry a rich politician.

Ijeoma saying that my girl left me for a rich politician because I was unusual was definitely a punch below the belt. Of course, I can be unusual sometimes, but trust me, there’s no day that would pass by without my greedy ex-girl friend regretting why she left me and married that old son-of-a-bitch. Anyway, let’s go back to the matter of the moment.


Just when I thought that after work tomorrow I was just going to get drunk in my room and cuddle myself to sleep, the God of the eleventh hour turned things around for me.


It was at the Polo Park shopping mall in Enugu, the Kilimanjaro eatery section. I had just finished eating when I noticed a girl that looks like my ex sitting all by herself. She’s pretty and as a sharp shooter, I edged closer to her and asked if I could sit.

She smiled and said, ‘Of course, the seat is free.’

I dropped the bottle of water in my hand and sat down. With the confidence of a champion I said, ‘So what would a girl like you be doing here all by herself?’

‘Don’t tell me you belong to set of men that believe that a woman shouldn’t take herself out?’

‘No, I don’t belong to such group of men; but trust me, guys like us who fate seem to have condemned to a life of loneliness would always be waiting for such damsels at this other end. She can come alone but we’ll never let her go until she gives us her number.’

‘Is that your way of asking for my phone number?’

‘Not at all; if I want your number you would already have given it to me.’

‘What are you feeling like right now? You speak as if you can get it out of me telepathically? I would love to see you try.’

‘Well, Miss, let me cut to the chase, my name is Sadozo, I’m a writer and a poet who is in dare need of a Val. Since I became active in this game of love, tomorrow would be the first time I would have to celebrate Valentine without a real date. Of course, I suppose you already have a date but if you could just give me one hour in your tomorrow, I promise to make you the happiest woman on earth.’

‘How are you going to do that when from what I’m seeing you can hardly take care of my hair? Or, do you, like Tekno, have a big cassava? Trust me I’m not getting down there with you after one impromptu date, definitely not tomorrow. Or even forever! That’s not to say I’m going…’

‘Do not judge a book by its cover, Miss. However, I’m not insinuating I would sleep with you if you oblige me a date tomorrow being lovers’ day.’ Sadozo paused, gulped down some quantity of water from his bottle and continued, ‘You see, I and my girl friend used to have this valentine ritual every evening. I’ll take her to a serene place, I mean the most peaceful place in this Enugu on February 14th, we would sit down and after we’ve reminded each other of how much we love ourselves; after much kissing and touching, I’ll read a love poem to her, a poem that usually take me months to write. Honestly, I write the best love poem in the world.’

‘Where is this girl friend now?’

‘She got greedy and married a rich politician. To make matters worse, I already have a poem written for her before I got a wind that she’s getting married three weeks ago.’

‘How long were you two in a relationship?’

‘Almost five years.’

‘Five years! Why didn’t you go ahead and marry since you two had such bond?’

‘I recently gotten a job; I’ve been without a job all those years. I only had a book to my name. It’s actually a collection of poems.’

‘Sadozo, right?


‘That girl didn’t get greedy; she got tired of listening to your poem. Be that as it may, your story is touching.’

‘Forgive me, Miss, coming to your table expecting to have an hour of your time is pure stupidity on my path. I’ll have to be on my way,’ he turns to hide the streak of tears in his eyes.’

‘My name’s Margaret, and I would love to hear your poem. Although I already have plan for tomorrow evening but I call to cancel. But trust me, there will be no kissing or touching, and I instead of following you to a clandestine beautiful place, I’ll call to make reservation at Nike lake Hotel. You’ll read or sing your poem for me at the lake side, and after tomorrow, we don’t know each other.

Sadozo was overwhelmed with emotion. Could this be happening in real life or in his dreams?


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