“Well, since she is not the cause your trouble, I think I should let you know that she was here this afternoon complaining bitterly. She said you wouldn’t pick her calls for five days now.”
Obinna’s heart skipped when he heard that his fiancée came by the house. He wanted to hear more. “What did she tell you?” he asked
“She said you started acting strangely after you left the hospital with here a week ago. She said you even sent her a text message saying that you two were not compatible and that she should move on without you.”
“She told you that!” Obinna sounded surprised.
“Yes she did. Now tell me, why would you do such a thing to that nice girl? Someone that loves you so much as to use the influence of her father to get you a job. Obinna, that girl is heartbroken and she deserves better than this your stupidity. Come to think of it, you would have amounted to nothing without her help.”
“Mama, that’s a lie! Oh, you think it’s easy to come out of the university with a 2:1? I was employed on merit,” he bragged
“You were employed on merit my foot! Where was merit when you roamed the streets without a job for two calendar years after your Youth Service? Where was merit when you could not afford a one room self contained apartment? Now you live in a flat and you even have a car of your own. Thanks to the job you secured through the influence of that girl’s father.”
“Point of correction, Mama, Sylvia didn’t get me a job so that I’ll marry her. There are other better, healthier and more promising young men out there. And, for your information, when she introduced me to her father six months ago, before I was given appointment letter, she told him I was just a friend.”
“You’re an idiot!” the woman said angrily. “You think you’re doing Sylvia a favour by being in a relationship with her? On the contrary, she did you a favour by accepting that useless ring you put on her finger a month ago.”


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