The spate of terrorism and violence is on the increase in recent times. All over the world, innocent citizens and defenseless people come under the attack of these wicked, mean and unscrupulous individuals that call themselves different names. Whether they’re called ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda etc, their mission is DEADLY. In the midst of all these wickedness people should not be in a hurry to forget that the day of reckoning is coming.


Anarchy slowly slides through the states,
Explosion rock the crowd of many,
Do we fold our arms
And watch terror terrorize every now and then?
Do we bid our  sons and daughters farewell
Only for them not to return at dusk?
Even France, Europe, America and the world over
Is now the target of their bombs and firearms,
Our safety is now in danger
Because they have taken war
To the peaceful assemble of men and women.

I weep for this generation,
Men and women that pride in aiming and maiming the innocent.
Though they escape the gun of Justice,
The cry of the innocent shall never cease from their ears;
For their blood shall forever take vengeance.
Throughout the generation of the wicked that lives.
Yes, they succeed in Mubi, Maidugari and Kano,
Even in Mali, France and Adamawa,
They make us cry as a nation,
Because they go after our defenseless brothers.
Know they not that they shall not escape the sword of the Executioner?

Like a noisy gong,
Their conscience (if they have any)
Shall not give the ears of their mind rest,
Though they elude the artillery nations,
The machinery of the ALMIGHTY shall strike,
Even in the forest, the dungeons and the creek where they hide,
The shelling that has no shielding will locate them,
It shall come like the arrival of a cyclone,
And their cry of help shall not be heard by any,
And it shall torture them like a thorn,
Until their cry forever shall not be heard.

Say No To Terrorism and Violence!!!


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