Nigeria Election Update.

We The Nigerian People.


We the Nigerian people,
Being turned into an audience,
By our leaders,
At their convenience,
Like people without conscience,
They turn us around,
Even after we’ve gathered,
En masse like soldiers,
Matching to war,
To decide who shall steer our ship.

We the Nigerian people,
Haven gone through recession,
Despite our abundant natural resources,
With little to show for greatness,
But so much as evidence for weakness,
As a show of our goodness,
With hearts full of gladness,
We had gathered in massiveness,
To send away incompetence,
But the INEC chairman said, ‘No, based on logistics!.’

We the Nigerian people,
Have heard so much about his integrity,
Even as calamity befall us,
In this time of adversity,
Across states in disunity,
The embers of enmity,
Keeps blowing against our unity,
That I doubt the survival of our community,
Now, let’s in this election,
Decide our direction.

We the Nigerian people,
In a world torn apart by war,
Brother against brother,
The voice of Jacob,
The hand of Esau,
The jihadist herdsmen,
The dreaded Boko Haram,
And even the terrorist proscribed IPOB,
The once that threatened a boycott of election,
Men beating the drum of war.

But I ask,
Can their feeble feet
Dance to the fast rhythm of war?

Hope you enjoyed this as my contribution to Nigeria Election Update 2019.



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