I was sitting on the fourth row of the arranged seats in the Church today when one ‘Obinna’ was called up to give his testimony. He looked scared but yet happy. He walked and held the microphone and spoke as though a force was drawing him back.

He began to tell his story,

“The last time I was in this Church and any other Church was two years ago.” He paused for a while and continued to tell his story of how a particular book teaching against God and His words he read in his second year in Imo State University changed his life until this morning, today.

How hw was born and dedicated in the Christian Pentecostal Mission headquarters in Lagos and his parents tried the best they could to make sure he grew in the ways of the Lord but unfortunately for him, his mother passed away while he was growing but then, his father never gave up in giving him the best.

“It wasn’t peer pressure and it was no demon possessing me. I knew what I was doing all along,” he said when he began to tell of how notorious he turned in his second year in the University.
He said a name he was known for which I don’t remember right now and he said, – If you were/are in IMSU and you’ve heard of “sososo name”, I am the person you’ve been hearing of.

The whole Church exclaimed in shock and fear but he continued anyway.

He began to tell of how he had sent pastors and preachers who came to preach to him away from his house and presence, how his life got worse and worst.

He said he woke up today to tell himself he was going back to his house, that he was letting go of the demon he had let into him, that he was letting go of the young man he had turned to and into the young man he should be.
He prepared to leave and one of his notorious friends asked where he was going to. Another came out and asked and when he told them, the first laughed as though he had gone out of his mind and said,

“Guy, abeg enter your room.”

“Wey your Bible,” the second asked.

. . “I have none but will read from others,” he replied and left immediately without looking back.

As he stood, confessing and thanking God, a young man came out from the congregation and gave him a hug, one that lasted for minutes and tears crowded my eyes. It had been goose bumps growing on my skins but now, the hug pierced deep into my lachrymal gland.
A man walked up to the front of the Church where Obinna stood and gave him a huge Bible.
I wanted to stand, to walk to him, hug him tight for minutes and allow my tears pat him on the back but I held myself and my tears punished. They punished me more when I remembered the young man who had lost his life yesterday.

After service, I walked up to him, took his right hand into mine, looked him in the face and said – “Welcome.”
He nodded in response and I asked if I could share his story on SADOZO, with his name and he said I could.

. “Ụzọma Obinna. Francis is my name.”

I thanked him, asked more questions and bid him goodbye!

Today has been great.

Written By: Mbagwu Amarachi Chilaka.

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  1. Engr Onyekachi Anoliefo 2 years ago

    Wow, nice of you to have shared this, I’m elated. #lifesaverjesusislord#

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